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Grooming Services

Whether your dog wants a full groom, a bath or just a nail trim they will receive professional treatment with a range of services from hand stripping, clipping, scissoring and trimming.

We offer a professional range of products in house and also available for retail.

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Puppy Groom

It is important for your dog to experience grooming from a young age to ensure that every visit is stress free and enjoyable.

Able Groomers offers a special puppy groom which involves gentle brushing and an introduction to the bath and dryer. As a fully qualified dog trainer and behaviour counsellor Patsy understands that this process requires lots of patience, praise and fun!

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Standard Groom

This will include:

  • Brushing - brushing is essential to the grooming process as it stimulates the skin and removes any dead coat. Brushing will improve the coat texture and prepare it for clipping or scissor finishing/combing
  • Shampooed & conditioned gently but thoroughly in warm water in a shampoo to suit your dogs coat, with conditioning if needed
  • Drying - your dog will be hand dried

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Full Groom

Includes standard groom plus:

  • Clipping/scissoring
  • Ears cleaned and plucked if required
  • Eyes cleaned (we will gently clean the dogs ears and eyes using specialist products)
  • Nails clipped

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Introduction for stressed dogs

If your dog is just nervous of the dryer or bath, or has had a bad experience then small regular sessions at the salon could help your dog over come his fear. Owners are more than welcome to stay for the groom

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